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Is Your Frame or Chassis SWISS CHEESE?

Frame look like swiss cheese?
Does your frame resemble something like swiss cheese? Not sure what to do about it?
Jeep Frame
Well, if you are like many enthusiasts, you have made some hefty investments either monetarily or time spent on your ride. Trading it in, dumping it or sending it to the bone yard just doesn’t sit right.
You are in luck! There are a number of options available for the more popular vehicles like Land Rovers, Broncos and Jeeps…

Full Frame or Chassis replacement

This seems to be a popular solution for Land Rovers II, III and Defender models. Chassis manufacturers even go 1 step further and offer them galvanized to prevent the new chassis from rusting again. The price runs approximately £ 1250.00 for a new Land Rover series II Chassis to around £ 3490.00 for a 2B Forward control from Richards Chassis in the UK. If you live elsewhere like the USA, these might be had for between $2795.00 Usd to $4995.00 Usd depending on the model and options from Atlantic British.

Jeep frames are oddly not as prevalent as you might think they would be. There seem to be only a couple of folks making replacement frames for Jeeps whereas at one time there were 3 or 4 aftermarket manufacturers. Matkins and Advanced Frame Works to name a couple. The only one that’s around now appears to be Throttle Down Kustoms (TDK). The pricing for these appear to be in the range of $1895 Usd for a CJ7 frame to $3800 Usd for a TJ frame. TDK also manufactures Bronco frames as well as aftermarket truck bumpers. I think it would be hard for a startup to compete with TDK due to the reasonable cost and their dedication to quality… these frames are truly works of art that put the factory frames to shame!

Replacing the frame with an aftermarket OEM style or totally custom may be the way to go whether you do it yourself or have a shop do it. In the end you end up with a good solid platform to build from if you intend on keeping your truck for the long term.

Frame Sections or Caps

Frame repair cap image
A great option to deal with the frame rot. Repairing your frame in sections can save time as well as the wallet. This really works if you want to extend the life of your vehicle, but don’t plan on keeping it for the long haul. In recent years, we are seeing the rear section of the Jeep TJ frame just in front of the rear wheel rotting out and in some cases the control arm bracket breaking off. Don’t worry, Safe-T-Cap to the rescue! These folks make a number of solutions to get you going quickly and make your Jeep safe again. As well as Jeeps, they make frame sections for many other vehicles too. In a way, it might be worth looking at what they have if you are considering buying a used vehicle… might give you a clue as to what to look for in the rot department.

Frame Fabrication or Repair

There appears to be a new trend as folks repair, build and customize their own frames. The internet has created a mass of self published builds and how-to videos by enthusiasts and gearheads. Enthusiasts are going out and buying welders, tube benders, brakes, english wheels, plasma cutters and other metal working equipment. Thanks to the influx of cheap tool pricing from China and Asia, there has been huge pressure on American and European brands to offer low end imported alternatives to compete in this growing market.

Whether you replace, repair or fabricate, there are options available depending on your budget, skill and comfort level. Of course, you could always go out and buy a new vehicle, but… where’s the fun in that?


This article was written by Peter Scott, over 40 years in the automotive and heavy truck industry, past marketing director for National 4WD Centres, Off Road Addiction and CEO of Mona Not Consulting. Views presented in this article are based on personal opinion and experience.

Shifter Knobs
Gone WILD!

Great Gift Idea for Gearheads!
Resin cast hand painted shifter knobs for your Jeep, buggy or truck.

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Eugene shifter knob
Crazy rabbit shifter knob by Fameless Monsters

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