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Win 2 AWESOME T-Shirts 1 each for You and a Friend!



Win 2 awesome black cotton T-shirts, 1 for you and 1 for your friend with your tweeted images artistically rendered and heat sealed into the shirts.

The shirts and image designs materials have been personally tested and worn getting groceries, at the mall, off road as well as while wrenching under my Jeeps. The image material has a really nice feel to them and will withstand numerous washes.

Terms and Conditions

Do this to qualify…

  1. Take a picture of your YOUR 4X4, Jeep, Land Rover, Land Cruiser, Truck, Buggy or? This would be the one you want on the T-shirt.
  2. Add a Tweet including the image of YOUR 4X4, Jeep, Land Rover, Land Cruiser, Truck, Buggy or pedal car as long as it is 4 wheel drive. No Cat pictures unless the cat is driving and her name is Doug 😉 .
  3. Include at least the hashtags #4x4RocketPick #4x4Rocket
  4. Submissions must be Tweeted prior to Friday June 9th, 2017, midnight EST. There will be 1 winner only. The Winner will be notified by Twitter message and announced by Tweet on Saturday, June 10, 2017.
  5. The picture MUST be your own picture or you have express permission from the owner or photographer of the picture.
  6. You may Tweet up to 2 entries with different pictures. Each image only once, no duplicates.

Don’t do these…

You will be disqualified from the pic if you submit more than 5 images.

You will be disqualified from the contest if you create more than 1 account in order to enter a contest more than twice, plus you are likely to get all your accounts suspended by Twitter. Anyone found to use multiple accounts to enter will be ineligible.

You will be disqualified from the contest if you duplicate, or near duplicate, updates or links which is a violation of the Twitter Rules and jeopardizes search quality. Please don’t duplicate updates or do multiple retweets… just do it once.

You can write as many new tweets mentioning the contest plus our hash tags  #4x4RocketPick #4x4Rocket.
Multiple Tweets in a single day will not be accepted, you could be automatically filtered out of Twitter search.

Stuff you need to know… is a directory website owned and operated by Mona Not consulting. The terms Mona Not, or 4X4Rocket maybe used. These terms are interchangeable for the purposes of this draw contest.

Prize(s) must be accepted as awarded unless we change it at our discretion. 4x4Rocket , reserves the right to change the image to fit our artistic interpretation and to suit the medium.

Shipping is at our discretion unless special arrangements are made. We will ship the awarded prize to the winner in Canada and continental USA free. Off continent and other global destinations may incur shipping charges and might have to be paid by the winner. We would normally ship by regular post.

Images submitted for the contest pick must be the property of the contestant and the contestant must have the legal rights and copyright to permit the image to be reproduced and posted on the website, Facebook page and Twitter for the public to view. The contestant understands that the image submitted by way of a Tweet must also comply with Facebook and Twitters’ terms and conditions as well. The images will be posted on Facebook as well.

Images produced for the contestant by Mona Not consulting remain the property and copyright of Mona Not consulting and may not be reproduced without explicit permission from Mona Not consulting. You may Tweet, post on Facebook and use on your own website as long as the hash tag #4X4Rocket is included on the same page.


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