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A central hub for all off-road and 4×4 related topics in Southern Ontario. Do you live in Southern Ontario Canada, Are you tired of traveling so far all the time? Tried of the same old mud runs? Lets start working together so we don’t have to travel south of the broader or north of Barrie to find some real trails.
SO4X4 is all about the land, having as little impact on the environment as possible, and trying to change people’s opinion of us 4×4 Enthusiasts.

Tread Lightly – referring to the tread lightly principles where as the driver is in complete control of the wheels and contact points of the vehicle where as they will minimize any impact to the trail tread. Example, tread lightly, don’t rip up the trail or leave ruts.

Please be sure you take out all your garbage and always tread lightly. Down here in Southern Ontario there’s no such thing as a trail. Do not distroy or misuse the snowmobile/4×4 trails up north. Down here all we really have is mudding in a swamp, patch of bush, or unassumed road. Obviously when you go mudding you might have to gas it and leave some ruts. But be aware of what you are doing. Do not destroy land that isn’t yours, stay out of farmers fields, stay on the trail, and do not track mud all over the roads. All that does is make people hate us.

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