Shifter Knobs Gone WILD!




Great gift for any gearhead!


These crazy knobs seemed to fit the 4X4 and off road sport because many of our vehicles actually have shifters in them unlike many of the new vehicles they build now. I can’t warm up to pushing a button or turning a knob to switch gears, heck my vehicles don’t even have ABS. Beside, ABS doesn’t work 50% of the time on vehicles used off road anyway.

Being a bit of a ratrod fan and an artist, I just had to share Vic Zanoni’s creations after stumbling upon his shifter knob site. The knobs would really add character to your Jeep, rock buggy or truck. The knobs are made out of a resin which he paints and adds a clear coat. The knobs are not threaded for the shifter so they need to be JB welded on to install. I suppose one could add their own insert if you wanted to be fussy. Personally, the JB weld would work fine for me.

Would also make a cool gift anytime for a gearhead with a stick.

Check out the HUGE selection on Vic’s website Fameless Monsters or his Facebook Page
The hardest part is choosing one!


November 12, 2016 |

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